When your home isn’t being heated efficiently, or at all, it’s essential that you have a reliable HVAC company to call. The contractors at RHR Heating have years of experience and knowledge to diagnose the issue and offer an honest opinion to quickly fix the problem. Since 1992, we have been providing reliable furnace repair in Myrtle Point, Bandon, Coquille, Coos Bay, North Bend, and all areas in between. Don’t go another day without efficient heat in your home!

Why Isn’t Your Furnace Working?

Regardless of why your furnace isn’t working, it’s best to act quickly and call in professional HVAC and furnace repair specialists. Throughout our years of experience, we have seen many of the same issues. Here are some of the most common reasons why your furnace may not be working.

Issues You Can Check Yourself

  • Pilot Light: Open up the furnace and check below the system to see if the blue pilot light is on. If it’s not, try lighting it with a match.
  • Gas Supply: There may not be enough gas flowing to keep the system running. The gas valve should either be fully open or fully closed.
  • Thermostat Issues: Check to see if the thermostat is set to “Heat.” This is a simple mistake that homeowners sometimes make when the weather first starts getting cold.
  • Air Filter: These should regularly be changed out to protect the health of the furnace. If the filter is dirty, it could prevent air from flowing, leading the system to not function.

When to Call For Furnace Repair

  • Blower Motor: Look for a flashing green light on the furnace. If it’s red or not flashing at all, call a professional HVAC service. They will inspect the blower, control board, transformer, and other parts of the system.
  • Condensation: A condensation pan collects any excess water after the reservoir has been filled. Draining the pan can be a short-term solution, but there could be further issues. The water pump may not be working or there may be a blockage preventing water from draining.

No one should go without a warm and comfortable home. If you live in the Coos Bay, Coquille, or Bandon areas, get in touch with RHR Heating. Our HVAC technicians are North American Technician Excellence (NATE) certified so you can rely on our service. Whatever brand or type of furnace you have, whether it’s old or new, we can diagnose the issue and ensure that your home is warm in no time.

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