In America today, over 50 percent of homes use natural gas for cooking and heating. It’s a fuel source that’s clean, effective, and generally safe. However, like all technology, sometimes problems pop up. If you walk into your home or place of business and smell something like a rotten egg, you might have a gas leak. Over time, with a leak, gas can build up within an enclosed space. Not only can it make people ill, but it can also potentially cause an explosion.

Natural gas piping is nothing to fool around with. If you have a problem, or you need lines installed for your gas units, it’s critical to work with a company that has the experience to do the work correctly the first time. At RHR Heating, we’ve been doing just that since 1992.

Our team of friendly HVAC professionals has served both residential and commercial clients in Coos, Curry, Douglas counties and beyond. We’ve worked hard to earn a strong reputation by staying up to date with technological innovations in natural gas. As a result, we’re comfortable installing and repairing virtually any system. Plus, with repair issues, we’ll take the time to resolve the root issue, so you never have to worry about recurring problems.

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