The weather in Coquille may still be sunny and warm now, but cold, winter weather is just around the corner. Which means it’s time to check your furnace to make sure it’s good to go. When the cold weather is finally here to stay, your heating system will be working overtime, and the last thing a homeowner wants to be without heat in the middle of January.

If you are having troubles with your furnace, the heating contractors at RHR Heating in Coquille will be at your home to diagnose the issue and provide you with options to either service the heating system, make any necessary repairs, or offer a quote for a full installation of a new HVAC system. Before winter starts hitting the Oregon coast with cold winds and snow, get in touch with the HVAC contractors for a professional inspection.

Heating Contractors CoquillePreventative Maintenance For Winter

Pilot Light

In your car, it might have enough gas in it, but you still have to turn the ignition to get it going. It’s the same idea with the pilot light on your furnace. Without a working pilot light, the furnace won’t turn on. If you aren’t sure how to inspect the pilot light, or if it’s not working, review the owner’s manual or contact a professional heating contractor.

Visual Inspection

With most things that haven’t been used in months, it’s a good idea to inspect the parts to make sure everything is intact. Look over the entire HVAC system to look for wires that are out of place or have been chewed on by mice. Our contractors will look at the inducer motor, gas valve, and thermostat wires. Look for signs of animals living inside or around the system. If any wires are out of place, contact an electrician or pest control if there are signs of animals making a home in the system.


The burners should be giving off a bright blue flame. If the flame is a weak orange color, it’s a sign that the HVAC system may need to be replaced. It’s better to catch this now rather than late in the winter.


To ensure that there is proper airflow throughout the system, do a thorough cleaning of the system. Dust the outside of the furnace to remove any debris that has built up over the summer. Consider using a vacuum to make sure the fan blower to clear as well. Then, inspect the dampers in each room and replace old or dirty filters.

Duct Cleaning

If you have easy access to the duct system, you can check for any leaks. Leaks will need to be sealed to ensure that the system is functioning efficiently. The heating contractors at RHR Heating have the experience and the tools necessary to give your duct system a proper cleaning and inspection.

Carbon Monoxide

Be sure that your carbon monoxide detector has new batteries and give it a test to make sure it’s functioning. This gas is odorless and can be deadly if the gas goes undetected.

A year heating inspection will ensure that the system will make it through the cold winter. If your HVAC system hasn’t been professionally inspected, get in touch with the heating contractors at RHR Heating. Call us today to schedule an appointment.