We take technology for granted. We’re used to being able to plug in an appliance, flip a switch, and achieve something that, a few hundred years ago, would be looked at as miraculous. The fact that we have technology that allows us to keep food or beverages cold is incredible. What’s less incredible is when that technology stops working.

If you have commercial-grade refrigeration that either works erratically or has stopped working entirely, that’s a problem that simply can’t wait. You need a dependable company that will get there quickly, work the problem efficiently, and charge rates that are fair. Since 1992, RHR Heating has been committed to doing just that.

Our team of professionals serves both residential and commercial clients in Coos, Curry, Douglas counties and beyond. We’ve worked hard to cultivate a reputation for reliability and excellence, and we do that by taking the time to find the root cause of the problem. By doing that, we can resolve things in one service visit and give you the peace of mind you need. We also provide preventative maintenance to keep your refrigeration units running smoothly for years.

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